Blackawton bees: A paper published by 8 year olds

This is awesome. Found via

A school class of 8 year olds did scientific experiments on vision and learning in bees and got a paper published in the journal “Biology Letters”. The article is available for free. There’s my reading for tomorrow’s travelling.


So many people, including many of my friends are stuck in Britain (or elsewhere) due to snow, instead of at home already or on their way there. I feel with each one of you. And I start getting worried about my flight. On Friday. So there is still a chance for the weather to get better. Or worse, in which case I’d spent Christmas Eve at Heathrow. Yay! *irony off* I’d better pack something to read … and a sleeping bag, in my hand luggage, just in case.

On the bright side: Snow makes for some nice pictures. 🙂

Christmas Time

Massive 3D Toy Story 3 Christmas Calendar

Christmas Calendar Take 1

I had decided to buy a Christmas calendar rather late this year. First, I didn’t want to get one at all, because I thought I was getting too old for that. But then again, it would have been my first year without a Christmas calendar to increase the anticipation. A sad thought somehow. If you think of it, I’m not that much older than last year anyway. So, by induction, I will probably have Christmas calendars for the rest of my life.

The problem then was still to get a nice one. When I finally went shopping on the 1st of December, there wasn’t much choice left. I ended up buying the Toy Story 3 one. In 3D and all. But it just didn’t do the job of creating a Christmas atmosphere.

Snoopy Christmas Calendar

Christmas Calendar Take 2

Christmas Tree

However, as you might have realised as a kid already, parents can read minds. And that even works remotely. Just one day later, a packet with Christmas and Nikolaus sweets arrived for me, including … *drum roll* … this absolutely gorgeous and cute Snoopy Christmas calendar. Thank you! 🙂

Together with my little Christmas tree, I’m now all set for the holiday season.

Merry Christmas everyone!

About the new Facebook groups

There just have been elections for a student body at my university. And a few times in the last days, I suddenly found myself belonging to Facebook groups supporting this or that person, people I did not know and had no idea what their agendas were. The first time I received an email informing me about that, later these notifications somehow didn’t reach me anymore, which is even more disturbing. I am not sure whether this has worked in favour of those candidates.

It is bad enough that Facebook has introduced these groups as opt-out, but that does not mean you should use this feature lightly. The 1000yr Old Man has a very nice post, explaining and demystifying the new Facebook groups. Please read this carefully before adding your friends to a group that they might potentially not want to join. Especially if it is about politics. And especially if it is me you want to add.

Why I started this blog

Well, first of all, I love reading other blogs. The day I found Google Reader not long ago, I immediately added 30ish feeds on there, for blogs I had already been checking almost daily and some others I had given up checking because they had too infrequent updates for that, and I keep adding almost every other blog I stumble upon. I somehow want to add my bit to this as well and not only be a passive consumer anymore.

I like computer stuff. I like trying out new things and playing around with them until I can get them to do what I want. I already enjoyed going through all the themes a lot, trying a few, and tweaking things a tiny bit. I first chose Contempt, then decided for the current theme Vigilance. Although, I also like Albeo and Spectrum

I want to practice touch typing. A while ago, I did this one day touch typing course that teaches you which letter to type with which finger and how. Then you only need to keep practising to become quicker over time. Well, here I go.

I am too lazy to write. This is not as contradictory as it sounds. I am very bad at replying to friends’ emails. Now I will be able to direct them here. O:-)

I keep talking to myself anyway. Whenever I’m alone and my mind isn’t occupied, I end up talking to myself, usually just in my head. And yes, that is perfectly normal and healthy. So I can as well try and sort my thoughts, type them up and send them out into the world.

I just want one. I want to prove myself and the world that I can keep a blog running for more than a week or so. That said, I promise nothing. This blog is purely for fun. I don’t plan to become famous, not with this blog at least, maybe with some groundbreaking research in the future. (I’m allowed to be optimistic, ain’t I?)

So what about you? If you have a blog yourself, why did you start it in the first place? And why do you keep it up? If you don’t, any particular reason for that?