“Write about something you’ve never told” … Seriously?

As support for the Post A Day/Week challenges that I’m participating in, The Daily Post offers topics everyday for bloggers to write about. Since I’m not planning to post daily and hence haven’t run out of topics yet, I usually ignore them. However, the one on 11 January did catch my attention:
Write about one thing you’ve never told anyone and explain why.

Are you serious? Wouldn’t that be stupid? Just maybe?

First of all, I can’t even think of anything that I have never told anyone before. Not out of the top of my head, at least. But even if I could come up with something, there would likely be a reason for not having done so. Such as: It’s a random detail of my life, so boring that even I forgot it already. Or: It’s private.

And then I’m supposed to post that out into the world for everyone to see? Especially after I recently stumbled upon this advice on Wisdom from Mom Bloggers:

Be aware that anyone and everyone can read your words. The last person you would ever want reading your website will eventually find and read your website. Write knowing this beforehand.

So, nope. Sorry, there won’t be any juicy secrets appearing here.