I think, I want a Kindle

Amazon Kindle

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Since I’ve seen a Kindle in real life, I have pretty much made up my mind, that I want an eReader at some point. Not quite yet, but when I graduate, get a real job and will have to commute everyday, then I want one. I haven’t decided yet which one I’ll get. So far it looks as if the Kindle is superior to the competition, especially given the price range I’d consider. However that might all change in a few months. And I will need to properly evaluate, which features I want and which costs might be associated with that.

My main reading these days consists of various blogs rather than books. From what I’ve read, the official way to get blogs onto the Kindle is rather expensive, given a monthly fee of 1-2 dollars per blog, and currently 59 feed subscriptions in my Google Reader. There are some free or at least cheaper ways to do that. The most naïve one is using the built-in experimental web browser to visit the blogs, read posts in Google Reader as described here or here, or use one of the special online RSS readers for eReaders, such as G:RSS-Web or on the kindleuserforum. But the internet connection is supposedly rather slow, so I’m not sure whether this is feasible. The other options are services that automatically make the content eReader friendly for you to download or email. Examples are kindlefeeder and instapaper together with instascriber.

Kindle Lighted Leather Cover, Apple Green

Apple Green

Kindle Lighted Leather Cover, Burgundy Red

Burgundy Red

If I do get a Kindle in the end, at least I already know which cover I want. Only have to decide on the colour.