Moleskine/Notebook Hacks

I do not have a Moleskine notebook. Mine is wire bound and so far I’ve always been happy with that. However, I stumbled upon a collection of Moleskine hacks, such as how to make your Moleskine into a Getting Things Done organizer. I prefer having my to do lists on my computer, to be able to easily shuffle tasks around, add, delete and change them. If I have a paper to do list, I end up spending more time rewriting the list again and again than actually working through the tasks. (My to do list manager of choice is todoist, since I can easily break up tasks into a hierarchy of subtasks.)

So my paper notebook won’t become an organizer. It was originally meant as a diary. Later I started using it to prepare texts, such as emails, for my touch typing practice. Now, I do the same with some of my blog posts, when I’m not near a computer. Typing the stuff afterwards already acts as a first or second editing step.

And for this purpose, I picked up one of the tricks from the first link, PigPogPDA, from the list mentioned above: Using Post-It tags to mark the current “collection point”, that is the page where I want to continue writing, and the “processing point”, meaning everything before this has been processed, i.e. typed, already.

Here is my interpretation:

My Notebook Hack

My Notebook Hack