Routine and Resolutions


Happy 2012!

I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions. Why should the calendar decide when I’m supposed to improve my life in some way or another? However, once I was back from the holidays, ready to dig into work again, I thought about what I wanted to change. Along the lines of “life practice” that I recently read about. There are two things, I am trying to add to my routine: regular exercise and practicing the flute.

In 2010, I did manage for a few weeks to get up really early in the morning to go rowing even before breakfast. The reasons this ever worked for me were strong peer pressure (7 other rowers, cox and coach would not be happy if you were late) and knowing that this would be over in just a few weeks after Summer Eights. When I’m on my own, the nice, warm, cuddly bed is irresistible compared to going outside for a run.

Makro shot of a flute in it's case

I also picked up the flute again a few months ago, after years of not having practiced at all. My dear, did that sound horrible at first. Luckily, my college has this nicely sound isolated music room that all students can use, so my neighbours don’t hate me. On the other hand, that means I can only practice when the music room is free. If I remember correctly, there’s about 700 students in my college …

The solution was to swap exercise and flute practice. I get up a bit earlier in the morning to practice the flute. Nobody else ever wanted to use the music room at that time. It makes me happy because it’s fun and I already have something accomplished before breakfast. A perfect start of the day! In the evening, I do at least some small exercise as soon as I get back from the office. I wouldn’t want to do anything that involves thinking anyway. So far this routine is working well for me. Unfortunately the early flute practice likely won’t be sustainable when I leave college.

What do or would you get out of bed for just a little earlier?

Note to self: Coffee does not help

Roasted coffee beans

Roasted coffee beans (Wikipedia)

I really should have learned this by now, but I seem to still need this reminder: When I’m tired and unmotivated, coffee will not increase my productivity. It does make me more awake and alert, but not necessarily in a good way. I also get jittery, less focussed and more easily distractible. Small and ultimately unimportant things keep popping up in my mind, when they should be buried in the subconsciousness for the time being. They are usually tasks that can wait until the evening, the next day or whenever I have scheduled them. Coffee seems to be an ally to these small tasks against me and my big goals, such as my DPhil.

So, no coffee whatsoever for the next two weeks! I have just stocked up on tea bags, so I should be fine. 🙂

Goodbye, Post A Week

So, I guess, I failed the Post A Week challenge, massively. My last post was in early March, almost 10 weeks ago. Well, never mind. Like I said in the beginning, I do this mainly for fun. Recently, I just preferred other things to writing blog posts. That doesn’t mean that I have to stop completely, but I allow myself not to have a target schedule anymore.

Thank you,, for the idea and the challenge! Maybe, I’ll try again next time. To anyone who is still on the Post A Day/Week challenge, keep up the good work and enjoy!

Post A Week 2011

Should I really? Really really? has started two challenges for 2011, “Post A Day 2011” and “Post A Week 2011”, together with the blog The DailyPost, providing tips and ideas for topics. I’ll certainly only go for the latter. The year only has 52 weeks, that’s 52 blog posts. That seems just about doable to me. And this one already counts as the first one. Ha! 😛

I guess I’ll give it a try. If you already read my blog, I hope you’ll encourage me with comments and likes, and good will along the way.

Oh and: Have a Happy New Year 2011!