Know it all!

This recent tweet

which expands to “Now I know how I know that I know what I know.” reminded me again of the song “Besserwisser” (Know-It-All) by the German Acapella group Wise Guys. I fear, the beginning of the chorus will be stuck in my head for the next few days:

Ich weiß, was ich weiß,
doch nur das, was ich nicht weiß,
macht mich heiß, weil ich’s gerne besser wüsste.
Weißt du was? Du musst wissen,
dass ich wirklich gerne wüsste,
was ein Besserwisser besser wissen müsste.

This loosely translates to:

I know what I know
but I only care about
what I don’t know,
You know? [You need to know] that I’d really like to know
what a know-it-all
all needs to know.

(Improvements are very welcome, especially those that make it rhyme.)

The song continues with a praise to science, asking all kinds of questions about everyday science, such as why foam from green shampoo is white, but also some less serious ones, such as about the frustration of an erased pencil stroke. The full German lyrics are available online. I didn’t find an English translation, so I let Google Translate give it a try. … Oh well.

Enjoy responsibly!

Why is ‘x’ the unknown?

This is too cool to let it disappear in the twitter ether.

[ted id=1469] TED: Terry Moore: Why is ‘x’ the unknown?

Buch (Substantiv): …

Eine deutsche Übersetzung meines letzten Blog-Posts gibt es auf
Buch (Substantiv): Kleines Monster Lebewesen, das sich von menschlicher Zeit ernährt

Don’t be scared

Found yesterday via WordPress’ Freshly Pressed:

3. Back up your work. […]

10. Don’t be scared. So many people have a guttural fear of technology—a fear of doing something wrong and messing up the whole computer or phone in the process. The truth is that it’s pretty hard to do anything that would permanently damage a computer or phone. Don’t be afraid to play around with things, make mistakes, and then figure out how to fix them. That’s how you learn. […]

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Twitter, here I come!

After all, I got sufficiently curious about Twitter. So I will try it out. I have signed up and will post small things such as links to pictures and videos on Twitter instead of this blog. That way, I’ll also be forced to produce proper blog posts, with text and all. And thanks to this lovely twitter widget on the right you’ll see all my recent posts on twitter as well. 🙂

Update 2011-05-12: The twitter widget has moved to the left and might move again with another change of theme. In either case, you can find my twitter feed at