xkcd: Good Code

Somehow this feels familiar:

xkcd: Good Code

xkcd: Good Code

Although, the debugging loop is missing:
Does it work yet? > Yes! > Hold on, with these other parameters … Argh!
> Try to find the bug in the bit of code you wrote 6 months ago. > Does it work yet? …

Video: Richard Feynman on inertia

Feynman tells how his father explained him inertia, when he was a child. Like the Blackawton bees, another example that children can ask, think and experiment scientifically.

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgAQV05fPEk] (via Laughing in Purgatory)

If you, like me, can’t recall immediately who Feynman was: There is some back ground reading for you on Wikipedia.

How does biology explain the low numbers of women in computer science? Hint: it doesn’t.

When going through my google reader subscriptions that had piled up over the holidays, I found this presentation by Terri Oda on how (or how not) biology explains the low numbers of women in computer sciences, (re)posted on the Geek Feminism Blog. Being a mathematician, I particularly like slide 14. 😉


Blackawton bees: A paper published by 8 year olds

This is awesome. Found via http://scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/2010/12/8-10_year_old_children_can_be.php:

A school class of 8 year olds did scientific experiments on vision and learning in bees and got a paper published in the journal “Biology Letters”. The article is available for free. There’s my reading for tomorrow’s travelling.

About the new Facebook groups

There just have been elections for a student body at my university. And a few times in the last days, I suddenly found myself belonging to Facebook groups supporting this or that person, people I did not know and had no idea what their agendas were. The first time I received an email informing me about that, later these notifications somehow didn’t reach me anymore, which is even more disturbing. I am not sure whether this has worked in favour of those candidates.

It is bad enough that Facebook has introduced these groups as opt-out, but that does not mean you should use this feature lightly. The 1000yr Old Man has a very nice post, explaining and demystifying the new Facebook groups. Please read this carefully before adding your friends to a group that they might potentially not want to join. Especially if it is about politics. And especially if it is me you want to add.