How to get a list of your blog posts on your website

I have recently updated my website. One of the things I wanted to include was a list of my most recent blog posts. Well, not the whole posts, but the titles of and links to them. I searched a bit and found It does exactly what I had hoped for and is also damn easy to use. Paste/type the RSS feed address into one text field, choose a few options and click on create JavaScript. Then you can copy that code snippet and paste it into the html file of your website. Or a local file if you want to create your very own RSS feed reader. (I’m getting ideas there …) To also include my twitter updates, I used the twitter widget.

You can admire the result here not anymore, unfortunately.

Twitter, here I come!

After all, I got sufficiently curious about Twitter. So I will try it out. I have signed up and will post small things such as links to pictures and videos on Twitter instead of this blog. That way, I’ll also be forced to produce proper blog posts, with text and all. And thanks to this lovely twitter widget on the right you’ll see all my recent posts on twitter as well. 🙂

Update 2011-05-12: The twitter widget has moved to the left and might move again with another change of theme. In either case, you can find my twitter feed at